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About the project
A new journey where Ulysses will discover places, people and activities bearing traces of the Mediterranean cultural heritage. A journey comprised of questionnaires, tests, an inventory and the study of more than 20 historical and architectural goods of the highest quality, an interactive online exhibition and a guide of the cultural and artistic events in the target areas of western Greece.
The myth of the river Alpheios and the nymph Arethousa (by Argyris Chionis)
Random regions
Cephalonia (Prefecture of Cephalonia)
As many archaeological finds prove, Cephalonia (also Kefalinia and Kefalonia) was initially inhabited in the Palaeolithic era. During the Mycenaean period (1500-1100 B.C.), Cephalonia was part of the kingdom ruled by Ulysses along with Ithaki, Zakynthos and Lefkada. During the Geometric period (1100-700 B.C.) the island was almost deserted....
Rio and Antirio, Ancient Makynae (Prefecture of Aetoloakarnania)
Two kilometres of sea separated Peloponnese from Sterea Hellas until 2004 when a monumental work, Rio-Antirio Bridge (named Charilaos Trikoupis after the Greek Statesman), linked the two lands. Finally, a centuries old dream became a reality. The region is called Minor Dardanelle because of its resemblance to the famous passage connecting Europe and Asia and the castles that are at both ends o...
The University of Patras 2008 - 24
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